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Central Australia Eco Green

In Central Australia, several businesses are contributing to Eco Green. These businesses are playing their part in conserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint. Such businesses are an inspiration for the rest of the community to follow suit and do their part in saving the planet. This article sheds light on some of the businesses that are making a difference.

1. Desert Gardens Hotel
The Desert Gardens Hotel is located in the heart of Central Australia and strives to reduce its impact on the environment. The hotel has implemented several initiatives for sustainable living. Some of these include using energy-efficient lighting, utilising energy-star rated appliances, and minimising water waste. The hotel also tries to reduce its carbon footprint by avoiding single-use plastics. Sourcing fresh, organic produce from the local suppliers, the hotel reduces its food miles. Desert Gardens Hotel is an excellent example of how sustainability can be incorporated into daily life.

2. Alice Solar City
Alice Solar City is a community-based project in Alice Springs, Central Australia. Their mission is to achieve 50% renewable energy in Alice Springs by 2020. Alice Solar City is working to build a sustainable, carbon-neutral community. They conduct workshops and training sessions on renewable energy and sustainability practices. By increasing awareness of sustainable options and solutions, Alice Solar City motivates the community to make positive changes.

3. Northern Territory Cattleman's Association
The Northern Territory Cattleman's Association (NTCA) panel has been advocating for sustainable grazing practices in Central Australia for decades. Grazing is an important part of the central Australian economy, and the NTCA encourages sustainability by promoting best practices in grazing land management. The association promotes the use of rotational grazing, which allows the land to recover naturally. It also advocates the prevention of overgrazing, which limits soil erosion and retains more water.

4. Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association
The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) is the first Aboriginal-owned media organization in Australia. CAAMA is known for producing television, radio, and online media content that promotes sustainability in the region. They have produced programs on sustainable living, renewable energy, and land clearing issues. With their media platform, CAAMA is raising the awareness of sustainable practices.

5. Red Centre Farming
Red Centre Farming is a small, local agricultural enterprise that grows fresh produce sustainably. Operating completely off-grid, Red Centre Farming is powered by renewable energy. They grow their produce using permaculture principles of low-maintenance farming and regenerative agriculture. The farm also uses soil improvement techniques and natural pest control methods. Red Centre Farming's sustainable farming practices have helped to change the farming landscape of Central Australia.

6. Arid Edge Environmental Services
Arid Edge Environmental Services is an environmental consulting business that provides expert advice on sustainable land management practices. They work with landowners, graziers and pastoralists, government agencies and mining companies. Their services include kangaroo management, vegetation assessment, and land management plans. Utilising state of the art mapping technology and environmental compliance services, Arid Edge makes a significant effort to promote sustainable practices in Central Australia.

the above-mentioned businesses are actively contributing to Eco Green in Central Australia. They each have implemented innovative strategies to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability. As environment awareness grows in the community, these businesses act as role models. Together, their efforts will contribute towards a green and sustainable future for the Northern Territory. If interested in finding out more or to contact these businesses, please check their contact details as following:

Desert Gardens Hotel
Phone: +61 8 8957 7061
Email: reservations_ayr@delawarenorth.com

Alice Solar City
Phone: +61 8 8959 4600
Email: solarcity@alicesprings.nt.gov.au

Phone: +61 8 8981 5976
Email: admin@ntca.org.au

Phone: +61 8 8951 9711
Email: admin@caama.com.au

Red Centre Farming
Phone: 0477 469 034
Email: info@redcentrefarming.com.au

Arid Edge Environmental Services
Phone: +61 8 8953 2140
Email: admin@aridedge.com.au

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